Our Leadership

Lead Team

Our Lead Team members oversee the visionary leadership and ministries of Center Point Church. The team is comprised of both full time and part time pastoral positions. Their role encompasses ministry director guidance, team development, church growth and planning, Growth Track leadership, speaking, and teaching the congregation. Lead team members oversee multiple leaders and areas of ministry.

Pastor Allen Yadon

Allen Yadon

Lead Pastor

Pastor Sharon Yadon

Sharon Yadon

Lead Pastor & Guest Services

Worship Pastor Jeremy Defrees

Jeremy DeFrees

Operations & Worship Pastor

Worship Pastor Mindi Defrees

Mindi DeFrees

Worship Pastor

Pastor Anthony Yadon

Anthony Yadon

Community Groups

Pastor Nick Toves

Nick Toves

Communications Pastor

Frankie and Kathy Toves

Frankie and Kathy Toves

Connections Pastors

Ministry Directors

Our Ministry Directors serve in part time and volunteer leadership positions, overseeing one area of ministry, and assist in leading our Growth Track ministries.

Director Deanna Toves

Deanna Toves

Social Media Director & cpKids Director 1st-5th grade

Directors Neil and Jill Jansen

Neil & Jill Jansen

Rooted (Discipleship) Directors

Director Terry Brown

Terry Brown

Kingdom Builders Director

David Anes

David Anes

Production Director

Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas

Outreach Director & Prayer & Member Care

Kiel Lewis

Kiel Lewis

Facilities Coordinator

Michelle Lucas

Michelle Lucas

cpKids Director Age 3-Kindergarten

Youth Director Austin

Austin Klein

Youth Director

Administrative Staff

Our Administrative Staff, comprised of part time staff members, serve Center Point Church behind the scenes through organization, clarity, and communication.

Linda Wilson

Linda Wilson

Communications & Database Manager

Robin Meacham

Robin Meacham

Financial Manager