These books have been written by pastors and people from our church that will be a great inspiration, encouragement, and blessing to all that read. Get your copy today!

Miracle Worker by Nick Toves

Miracle Worker

Nick Toves

Miracle Worker is a devotional journal on discovering Jesus. It's about seven signs that Jesus performed in the book of John. You will be encouraged over the next 21 days with teaching, scriptures, and prayer. The purpose of what God does is to reveal who He is. This book is for all those who are wanting to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Toward Greater Growth by Paul Dwyer

Toward Greater Growth

Paul Dwyer

Perhaps you’ve heard it said before, “A house is only as good as it’s foundation.” Jesus directed us to build our spiritual house on the wise foundation of hearing and acting upon his words. In Toward Greater Growth, Paul Dwyer directs you to twelve timeless essential pillars that can help you build a solid spiritual foundation, and help you succeed in your spiritual growth – the best kind of growth.

Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is by Terry Brown

Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is

Terry Brown

Money doesn't come with instructions, but the marriage of faith and finances are two things that when joined together create success in life like nothing else. The financial freedom and blessing that you desire are inside this book.

How to Win After Loss by Fleda Bennie

How to Win After Loss

Fleda Bennie

This book is about winning after losing and doing it with dignity and in victory. That may sound impossible, but remember: in a kingdom where you have to die in order to live, you also have to lose in order to win!


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